Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too
Come on and rescue me!
Rescue Me
We are really nice rescue dogs that need homes. We are just the right choice whether you are looking for a more mature dog, or if you are just someone who wants to do the right thing and rescue a pet in need.  We have loving pups of all ages available for adoption.
Hi!,I'm Goody and I would love for you to take me home!
Hey, is that a dachshund? Long, short, wirehaired,
we like our friends of all types and ages!
We areThelma and Louise and like the names suggest we are smooth.
That's fine girls, but we prefer our long hair.
Well now that you've started it, we prefer the wirehaired look.