Hi “Momma Emma Jean”,

It’s me Klein, I just wanted to let you know how I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  I’m getting a little bigger and my hair keeps growing & growing.   Mom & Dad say that I’m a ragamuffin especially after they comb me & I shake out.  I’m pretty good while they groom me even though I don’t like it all the time.

I’ve met all my cousins, 3 cats & 2 Newfs.  The cats won’t play with me but Molly (the Newfie) runs with me in her yard.  Yesterday while we were at Molly’s, I flushed a rabbit out of the bushes & Kahlua & I hunted like a pack!  Guess what, Kahlua CAUGHT IT!!!  Mom & Dad & Uncle Dave made her let it go (yes it took 3 people) and they set it free since Kahlua only got it by the scruff of its neck.  We can’t wait to go back to Molly’s.
A word from our pups
A few words straight from the horses....er....puppies mouth
Kahlua & I are getting along great.  She taught me how to un-stuff squeaky toys & we play tug with toys and chase each other around.  My favorite game is wrestling with her.  I usually start it but Kahlua finishes it.  I don’t know why she stands on my ears when I’m on my back wrestling with her but it’s really hard to get away.  Mom & Dad tell her to teach me good things but I don’t know.  They weren’t especially thrilled to find a whole roll of toilet paper shredded when they got home from work.  I still say that Kahlua told me to do it!  I also like wood a lot.  I pick up the sticks on the deck & chew them.  I tried to chew on the woodwork in the house but they told me no.

I finally found my voice!  It is deep and my growl is kind of gravely.  Mostly I use it for things I don’t know about like lawn chairs and irises in flower beds.  Sometimes I use it when my toys make noises I don’t know.  I stopped howling at night since they took me out of the kennel (night three) and put me in bed where I belong. 

Housebreaking is getting better, they finally understand my need for privacy & I use a potty pad in the house and occasionally will potty outside. Mom & Dad keep telling me I’m starting school in June, whatever that is.  They are also talking about me getting “fixed” in July but I don’t think I’m broken. I really like it here but think of you & the other Doxies at your home and hope all is well with you.

Klein (And Kahlua & Sue & Dave Zondlo)

P.S.  Mom had to type this for me because my paws are too big & furry to hit the right keys.  Klein
I’ve seen my vet a couple of times for vaccinations, they weren’t too bad & all the vets, techs & receptionists ooohed & ahhhed over me.  A couple of weeks ago Mom said I was bad because I stole Kahlua’s Rimadyl out of her mouth & ate it.  It tasted good but Dr. Simmon said I had to throw it up right away so I didn’t get sick.  Breakfast wasn’t so good coming back up but they said no harm done.  Now Mom won’t let me near Kahlua when she gets medicine.
A day in the life of Evita....
Boy my new home seems great so far.  They have curb side service and everything!
I think it's a toy, but I don't know how it works.
Maybe it needs batteries......
I know how this one works...

I think I'm supposed to do something here....
Or was it here?
Boy this playing is hard work......
Wait a minute, is that a shoe....
nap time.....
the end
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