“EJ's is the greatest! We couldn’t recommend them more highly. Theodore is perfect in every way. He has a delightful temperment and is wonderful with other dogs and people of all ages, He is very intelligent and we have a lot of fun with training. Theodore is a great student in school and has successfully passed his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests. Check out our youtube video of Theodore in action singing "If you're happy and you know it bark outloud.”    
– Bill and Les Denton
Satisfied Clients
Here are a few words of praise from our customers
“Ben is doing tremendous!  He is the love of my life!  I love his calm energy, his desire to have fun all the time!  He doesn't worry like our female, about anything.  He's a joy to have around.  He's getting big.  He bounces around like a happy, healthy pup.  It's cute how independent he wants to be around Lilly except when something scares him & he runs right to her and how to have a part of his body touching hers, for comfort.  He isn't barking as much as Lilly does.  I'm hoping that he doesn't.  He seems to get annoyed with Lilly when she barks, and bites her mouth to try to make her stop.  Anyway, we're just enjoying and loving him.  ”    
– Bambett Short
Almost a year and a half ago, my wife Karen, 2 daughters and I purchased a smooth, miniature with a wild boar coat from you.

First of all, I have to thank you for "Gracie."  We named her Gracie because when we you first showed her to us, she bounded around your living room, slipping on pieces of newspapers and, generally, acting like a little goof-ball . . . anything but graceful. Anyway, she is the joy of our life.  We love her so very deeply and can't even recall life before her. 
- John Marchese
Just thought I'd drop you a note swelling with praise for my most loveable puppy.  It seems impossible, but we are actually falling more in love with Ruby on a daily basis.  She is very smart and has been quite easy to train.  She is EXTREMELY affectionate.  We spend a lot of time walking in our New York neighborhood and I joke that she is the "kissing bandit".  When we meet up with other people or dogs, all wants is to kiss them.  She is completely fearless, wanting to make friends with even the biggest great dane, but also submissive and is on her back as soon as she sees a dog.  One of her favorite playmates is a large weimaraner named Milo, who lies on his side while Ruby climbs all over him like a bug, licking him on the face and wagging her tail madly.  People tend to gather around and take pictures when they are together.  Very sweet!!

Once again, I thank you for Ruby.  She has brought us so much love and joy! 
– Kourtney, New York City
Ruby At one year and four months .....
Her adult weight is 7 1/2 lbs.  As always, thank you so much for bringing Ruby into my life.  I now know two things that I did not know before Ruby came along. 
1)  I will always have a dog, and
2) It will always be a dachshund.

She is pure joy, love and happiness.
Thank you so much! EJ's American Dream del Caroni - "Emma" is GREAT. She is a great and brave little dog taking the trip to Spain on her first day away from her family. On arrival in her new home with other dogs, 2 more dachshunds, a very old catalan sheepdog, and a very energitic young Vizla. Amazing how quick she was playing around with the other dogs and having fun!!! After two days, I took her into the city...to the centre of Madrid, to my vet to get her checked and everything was fine. After that we went shopping and walking around and we had a good time, she looked at all these people with interest and was not scared at all! I think that is GREAT for this LITTLE dog!!! The only problem we had was that everybody wanted to take her home because she is so cute and nice and friendly!! Again, many thanks for everything. You have a magnificent kennel with your superb dogs!

- Merlijn, Madrid, Spain
Our dachshund is now old enough to be shown in Italy and we just had him evaluated by a Judge for a show. Here are the judge’s comments (sorry for the poor translation):

"mini, 35.nice body (trunk?)very nice head and expression. good neck and good
shoulder,good posteriore (hind), moves nicely and   strongly. EXELLENT!!!!"

They almost never give the exellent in joung class, but our man made it!  I'm very pleased, believe me!!

-Marielisa Zamatti, Rome, Italy
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